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Map: The monkey line has been confirmed in 16 countries

Map: The monkey line has been confirmed in 16 countries

The monkey line has been reported in a dozen European countries, also in the US, Australia, Canada and Israel.

At least 160 cases have been reported this month in non-African countries: 56 in the UK, 41 in Spain, 37 in Portugal and one case each in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

Map: The monkey line has been confirmed in 16 countries

What is a monkey owl?

The virus that causes the infection was first discovered in monkeys in 1958. The first human case was recorded in 1970.

Sporadic cases have since been reported in 10 African countries, including Nigeria, which in 2017 experienced the largest documented outbreak, with 172 suspects and 61 confirmed cases. Three-quarters were among men aged 21 to 40 years.

How do you get the monkey line?

Monkey pox is spread when someone comes in close contact with another person, animal or material infected with the virus.

The virus can enter the body through broken skin, the respiratory tract, or through the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Human-to-human transmission most often occurs through respiratory points, although it usually requires close contact. Transmission from animal to human meanwhile can occur through a bite or scratch.

Lija e majmunëve nuk konsiderohet përgjithësisht një sëmundje seksualisht e transmetueshme, megjithëse mund të transmetohet gjatë seksit.

Cilat janë simptomat?

Simptomat fillestare të lisë së majmunit përfshijnë ethe, dhimbje koke, dhimbje muskulore, ënjtje dhe dhimbje shpine.

Pacientët zakonisht zhvillojnë puçra një deri në tre ditë pas shfaqjes së etheve, shpesh duke filluar në fytyrë dhe duke u përhapur në pjesë të tjera të trupit, të tilla si pëllëmbët e duarve dhe shputat e këmbëve.

Infeksioni zakonisht zgjat dy deri në katër javë dhe zakonisht largohet vetë.

Cili është trajtimi?

Aktualisht nuk ka trajtime të provuara dhe të sigurta për linë e majmunit, megjithëse shumica e rasteve janë të lehta.

People suspected of having the virus can be isolated in a room- and monitored by healthcare professionals using personal protective equipment.

However, smallpox vaccines have proven to be largely effective in preventing the spread of the virus. Countries including the UK and Spain are now offering the vaccine to those who have been exposed to infections to help reduce symptoms and limit the spread.

How dangerous is it?

Monkey pox cases can be occasionally more severe, with several deaths reported in West Africa.

However, health authorities stress that we are not on the verge of a serious outbreak and the risks to the general public remain very low.