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The woman wanted by the Taliban, Nilofar Ayoubi!

The woman wanted by the Taliban, Nilofar Ayoubi!

Nilofar Ayoubi is one of thousands of women who have built a prosperous and prosperous life for themselves in Afghanistan.

But with the capture of Kabul by the Taliban, their freedom and lives are now in jeopardy.

Ayoubi, a 28-year-old business entrepreneur, helped smuggle young women who worked in her fashion house from their homes to a safe place as the Taliban began building their own blacklist of women.

On Wednesday, Nilofar Ayoubi knew her name was on the Taliban list. She had heard the Taliban going door to door through neighborhoods trying to find women like her. The women on the list were journalists, politicians, pilots, business entrepreneurs, and what they had in common was that they had years of talking about the rights of Afghan women loudly and persistently.

Although the United States has long insisted that the rights of Afghan women would be a cornerstone of any peace deal with the Taliban, that promise now stands in doubt. As the Taliban carry out their orders in the capital, Ayoubi and other women's rights lawyers are left to fend for themselves.

Women like Ayoubi are left trying to find a way out for their families. Some have gone abroad, but for others on the Taliban list, seeking safety is like walking on a rope where a single wrong step can mean death.

For Ayoubi, one of the first and youngest women in Afghanistan to set up her own furniture company, the bad news was relentless. Her network of activist friends and colleagues constantly showed each other's location in places where the Taliban had set up checkpoints.

Seventy-two hours after the fall of Kabul, she received the news that her home and offices had been attacked four times by gunmen who had asked staff and neighbors about the whereabouts of her family.