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Greece approves 500m-euro package to overcome energy crisis

Greece approves 500m-euro package to overcome energy crisis

The Greek government has made available to citizens a package of about 500 million euros to address the energy crisis that has gripped Europe and the world.

The electricity discount subsidy has doubled, with a total cost estimated at 326m euros. The heating boost is being strengthened, expanding the inclusion criteria to cover more than 1,000,000 households, Greek media report.

Greek government measures:

More than one million beneficiaries are expected to receive heating assistance this year, while property and income criteria have been significantly expanded, as Deputy Finance Minister Thodoris Skylakakis announced in the specialization of citizen support measures:

It should be noted that the heating permit this year will also be obtained from those who use natural gas.

The minimum cost from 80 euros goes to 100 euros, while the maximum from 650 euros to 750 euros.

Also, the increase for families varies from 36% for a family without children to 68% for a family with 3 children.

The total amount for allowing heat will be 168 million, from 84 million last year.