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Germany in search of manpower: 4 criteria that must be met

Germany in search of manpower: 4 criteria that must be met

German Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil has announced a "modern immigration law" aimed at attracting more skilled labor to Germany.

"We will establish a Chance Card with a transparent points system, so that the people our country needs can come to us more easily," German Labor Minister Hubertus Heil told the well-known German newspaper "Bild". am Sonntag". This is because looking for a job abroad is often difficult.

Whoever has a degree or qualification, regardless of whether it is university study or professional education, which Germany recognizes, can immediately receive the chance card. "But we also want people who have other qualifications, and who we need for the labor market, to whom we will give a chance to come to Germany", said the German social democratic politician.

Whoever fulfills three of the four criteria receives the "Chance Card"

With the chance card, a points system will have to be entered, which includes four criteria: Education completed abroad, work experience of at least three years, language skills or a previous stay in Germany and fourth the age under 35 years. Whoever meets three of the four criteria will receive the "chance card". But how this card will be determined in the end must be approved once within the government.

"We need more immigration", said the minister, Hubertus Heil, referring to the lack of labor force in Germany. "Year by year we will determine, based on our need, a certain contingent, how many will receive the chance card in Germany, in order to seek work or professional education here in Germany for a certain period of time. For this period, they have to provide for themselves."