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Fear of Delta, in September German elderly with the third dose of vaccine

Fear of Delta, in September German elderly with the third dose of vaccine

The German government is discussing whether seniors will need a third vaccine while minors may be vaccinated against Covid. Health Minister Jens Spahn has proposed that starting in September, seniors receive a third dose of the vaccine, as they are mainly considered to have a weakened immune system and this proposal is expected to be accepted.

According to German media, the third dose should be the mRNA vaccine for people who have taken two doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Spahn is also expected to concretize his proposal to lower the age for vaccination, including the category 12 to 17 years old.

If adopted, this decision would go beyond the current recommendation of the German Standing Committee on Vaccination to vaccinate only juveniles with pre-existing conditions, ie with serious health problems. Minister Spahn wrote on Twitter on Saturday saying that one in five Germans in that age group has received their first dose.

Overall, 62% of German adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine, Spahn said, while 52% are fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the day before, the German government decided to increase the rules for land borders, requiring the test with the negative answer before the trip to Germany, a requirement that was previously valid only for airports. But the spread of the Delta variant and the fear of a new wave has alarmed countries.

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