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Baby dragons of Slovenia

Baby dragons of Slovenia

Postojna Cave, located southwest of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is as large as its railway and is one of the most visited underground attractions in Europe.

And yet, one of the main attractions of the cave is something at the other end of the size spectrum - and it's totally unique to it.Baby dragons!

Baby dragons of Slovenia

Olms, or proteus anguinus in Latin, are blind salamanders, about 25 centimeters long.

The locals called those babies dragons because they were left in Postojna during the floods and, since caves are the home of dragons, these must have been their babies.

Nowadays, visitors can see them swimming among the rocks in an aquarium built deep inside the cave.

They are sometimes called human fish because - despite living underwater - they have smooth white-pink skin instead of scales.

Baby dragons of Slovenia

Olms can live up to 100 years and can survive for long periods without eating.

"Seven years for sure," says the cave's PR manager. "For the first two or three years, there is no problem. Then they start to lose weight, stop moving and just wait for the game to pass. In more than seven years, some can die, some can survive, in depending on their metabolism. "

Biologists have researched their DNA and their genome is like a novel. It is 16 times longer than the human one and more complex.

Their regenerative power is amazing. If they lose a limb, they develop it again.