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Two women accuse Boris Johnson's father of sexual harassment

Two women accuse Boris Johnson's father of sexual harassment

An MP and a UK journalist have accused both Stanley Johnson, the father of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, of touching them inappropriately.

Caroline Nokes said Elder Johnson hit her hard on the back and told her she has beautiful ones. The event took place in 2003.

Johnson declined to comment on her claim to Sky News, except to say she 'does not remember Caroline Nokes at all'.

Behind Nokes was New Statesman magazine journalist Ailbhe Rea, who accused Johnson of petting her at the 2019 Conservative conference.

"There were male deputies to put their hands in the back. I can remember a really famous man hitting me in the back as hard as he could and saying, “Oh, Romsey, you have them so beautiful. It was Stanley Johnson and he did that to me before the '05 election, Fix at all in 2003. I did nothing to respond to you and now I am ashamed and sorry for that. "Now I probably would have reacted differently," said Nokes.

Journalist Rea wrote on Twitter: “Stanley Johnson hugged me at a party at the Conservatives conference in 2019. "I am grateful to Caroline Nokes for giving her voice to her story so that none of us can endure such moments, much less the prime minister's father."

Stanley Johnson lost the campaign to become an MP in 2005.

He is now 81 years old and the only reaction he made after these two accusations was: "I do not remember Caroline Nokes at all".