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The two reasons that are making Italian doctors leave for Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The two reasons that are making Italian doctors leave for Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Ettore Piero Valente, orthopedist, is among the Italian doctors who have received the proposal from the United Arab Emirates to go and work in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. "I refused to be near my family in Italy, but I understand the young colleagues who leave."

"As an orthopedic doctor, at the age of sixty-two, I was contacted directly by the Government of the United Arab Emirates, with the proposal to go to work in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, not only to practice, but also to teach. in university.' Ettore Piero Valente speaks, surgeon, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology in Rome, with international training and experience, who has worked for 17 years in the public health care sector and four years in the private sector. He told his story to and why, despite the critical issues and limitations of being a doctor in Italy, he chose to stay: "The so-called Arab phenomenon among young doctors is not only because of the promise of a 20 thousand euro salary in month".

"In Italy I stay for the family, but I understand the young doctors who leave", says the doctor.

"I went to the United Arab Emirates to understand how my professional career and my future would change, the proposal was attractive, both for the activities I would carry out and for the remuneration, but I decided many things, such as being close to my family . and lifestyle and chose not to move for work. But I understand young Italian doctors, who have strong ambitions, growth objectives and a desire to express themselves as best as possible in their profession, while also having access to the latest technologies".

"Salary and meritocracy, the reason why young doctors go abroad", he says.

Born in Italy and living in the United States for sixteen years, Dr. Valente explained what drives doctors to leave Italy to go and work in Arab countries. "The reason is not only the salary, but also the misuse, the Italian bureaucracy in health, which slows down the work, an improper salary and the lack of meritocracy. Italian doctors are very good and the world envies them, but they should be able to work as well as possible, with adequate compensation, fluid work, being dedicated to the patient and without the constant fear of being denounced and involved in court proceedings. Even in the field of diagnostics, there are young doctors who are very capable of making diagnoses, but who often do not have the right equipment at their disposal'.

Rome and Lazio are the first for doctors to flee to Arab countries

In Rome and Lazio, since the beginning of 2024, 1,252 sector professionals have immigrated to Arab countries - Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Qatar - from the healthcare sector in Rome and Lazio, including doctors (810), nurses (389) and technique ( 53). Lazio is the first region in Italy for the so-called Arab phenomenon, with over three quarters of the national total of immigrants in the health care sector. It is especially the public sector that is losing interest and, in terms of the target, it is especially the young doctors who are fleeing, who dream of a career based on meritocracy.