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The shocking testimony of the 37-year-old, one of Facebook's IT engineers could change the fate of the network. As a start he knocked it down! Here's how it all started

The shocking testimony of the 37-year-old, one of Facebook's IT engineers

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp applications have become obsolete today and the media are alluding to the reason for the sensational interview of former Facebook employee Frances Haugen who has made strong accusations against Facebook.

But who is Frances Haugen?

In addition to being a stabbing knife for Mark Zukerberg, Haugen is a former Facebook employee who quit her job in May after being disappointed by the company.

Originally from Iowa, Haugen graduated with a degree in electrical and computer engineering from Olin College of Engineering in Boston in 2006.

She joined Facebook in June 2019, where she reportedly worked on sharing "civic integrity".

She and four other young employees were tasked with building a system to track disinformation directed at specific groups of people, but the project failed, she said.

The interview that caused a stir

For the American show ''60 minutes'' Haugen has leveled serious accusations against Facebook, saying that the company is aware of how its platforms are used to spread hatred, violence and misinformation, and has tried to hide that evidence after deciding in the first place its interest before the interest of the public.

At first it was an anonymous statement, but suddenly Frances Haugen decided to reveal her identity and talk out loud about the secrets and how Facebook and Instagram are manipulating, hurting young girls, destroying society doing since this evil to simply enrich a few people.

Below is the link of the show where you can hear her story.