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New Taliban decree / Afghan girls will no longer be considered "property" and will not marry against their will

New Taliban decree / Afghan girls will no longer be considered

The Taliban government of Afghanistan on Friday issued a decree on women's rights according to which women should not be considered "property" and should not marry against their consent, but nowhere mentions the possibility of women to be educated or to participate in other activities outside the home. This decree also states that widows should have a share in the property of their late husband.

"Women are not property, but a noble and free human being, no one can give to anyone in exchange for peace ... or to end hostility," the Taliban decree issued by the spokesman said. Zabihillah Muhajid.

According to the decree, courts must take these rules into account when making decisions which must also be promoted by the ministries of religious affairs and information.

During the previous rule from 1996 to 2001, the Taliban barred girls from getting an education, women from leaving home without a male relative or without covering their face and head.

But the Taliban say they have changed and high schools for girls in some provinces have been allowed to open. However, many women and human rights advocates remain skeptical.

The international community, which has frozen billions in central bank funding and development spending, has made women's rights a key element of any future engagement with Afghanistan.