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COVID / The third vaccine for the elderly and one dose for children! German government plans for September

COVID / The third vaccine for the elderly and one dose for children! German

The German government today unveiled its plan to avoid another wave of COVID infection with the arrival of September and the viral season. According to Health Minister Jens Spahn, the focus will be on vulnerable groups, namely the elderly and the chronically ill, but also on pupils and students in order to ensure that there will be no new school closures.

For the elderly, Spahn said that with the beginning of September it will be possible to get a third dose of the vaccine to increase the level of immunization, while laboratory tests have proven that a third dose increases by 15-20% the level of protection. The same will apply to all patients with chronic diseases, mainly those with problems in the cardiovascular system, or pneumonia.

In terms of pupils and students, Spahn has proposed involvement in the vaccination campaign for children starting at age 12 with doses from the company Moderna, which has received the green light from the European Medicines Agency as safe and effective to use to minors.

So far 62% of the majority German population have received at least one dose of the anti-COVID vaccine, while 52% have received both. However, the goal is to vaccinate over 75% of the population before the onset of autumn to avoid the return of another wave, especially given the transmissibility of the "delta" variant .