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Covid has nowhere else to go to produce a deadly variant: Oxford scientist explains what it means and a prediction for the future

Covid has nowhere else to go to produce a deadly variant: Oxford scientist

Covid is unlikely to turn into a deadly variant or avoid vaccines because there is no room left to go and spread. This was said by the scientist and creator of the Oxford vaccine, AstraZeneca.

Covid has nowhere else to go to produce a deadly variant: Oxford scientist

In an interview with The Telegrahp, Sarah Gilbert stated that the coronavirus is likely to become less dangerous in terms of transmission and morbidity: "We normally see viruses becoming less virulent as they circulate more easily and there is no reason to think that we will have a more virulent version of Sars-CoV-2 ".

The scientist says some changes are expected, but it is predicted that Covid will eventually return as the flu virus: "What can happen over time is a somewhat slow process, and this is what happens with the flu viruses. You see changes small that accumulate over a period of time and then we will have the opportunity to react to it ".

Sarah Gilbert explains why a new variant of the virus is unlikely to emerge to avoid vaccines: “The virus cannot completely change because its protein must interact with the ACE2 receptor on the surface of the human cell in order to enter that cell. If it changes its protein so much that it cannot interact with that receptor, then it will not be able to enter inside the cell. "So there are not many places for the virus to go to have something that would avoid immunity, but it will still be a really infectious virus."

According to the scientist, while Covid will turn into a seasonal virus, general immunity will be created in the population: "We tend to see slow genetic translocation of the virus and there will be gradual immunity that will develop in the population, as it happens with it. all other seasonal coronaviruses ".

"There are four of them and they have been circulating for decades and we were not even aware of them. So we already live with four different coronaviruses for which we believe Sars-CoV-2 will also become part of them. "The question is how long it will take to get there and what measures we will have to take in the meantime to manage the current situation."

So far Delta is the variant of the coronavirus that has avoided vaccines, although the benefits outweigh the risks. This variant has been dominating other cases for months.

* Independent article, translated and adapted into Albanian by EB