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Britain declares a heat emergency and this photo justifies it

Britain declares a heat emergency and this photo justifies it

This is the photo of a guard outside the Royal Palace, sweating from record temperatures in Britain. A policeman is taking care of him, giving him water, as it is known that during the time of duty the guards cannot move.

Temperatures in Great Britain have reached 40 degrees Celsius and a cold country like England is not used to withstand such high temperatures. Therefore, the government has declared a national emergency. Tuesday will also be the hottest day of the week.

Across the country, schools, sports facilities and summer camps were closed. Train companies canceled services and health authorities prepared for an increase in calls and emergencies. Traveling by car is suggested to be avoided as tires may burst from overheating.

A British trade union, "GMB", has called for a "too hot to work" law to be passed. The Labor Code in Great Britain provides rules when temperatures drop too low, but for high temperatures there is no law.

There is no such law even in the common rules of the EU. It is usually suggested that on hot days employees be provided with enough water. And in low temperatures, maintain a suitable temperature for employees.

The situation with the scorching heat has not only affected England. France is also facing difficult days, drought and fires.


Several cities in France recorded record temperatures yesterday. The national meteorological office in France announced that the thermometer recorded 39.3 degrees Celsius in the city of Brest.

Drought conditions and extreme heat since the start of summer have left large parts of France without water, causing problems for farmers and sparking forest fires.


Italy is also facing the African heat. The thermometer in Rome reads 40 degrees Celsius. The Po River has been one of the areas most affected by drought in Italy this year. The lack of rain has caused water levels in the Po River to drop below average.


Even Germany is preparing for the heat wave. Currently, the thermometer reads 27 degrees. The authorities have announced that Tuesday will be the day when the heat reaches its peak and have called on the elderly to stay at home.


In Albania, the Military Meteorological Service has warned that Friday will bring maximum temperatures.