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Blocking the opening of Northern Macedonia negotiations with the EU, Germany pressures Bulgaria to lift veto

Blocking the opening of Northern Macedonia negotiations with the EU, Germany

Our country is suffering the consequences of the stalemate in the negotiations for membership in the European Union of official Skopje by Bulgaria. German Minister for European Relations Michael Roth has asked Bulgaria to lift its veto on Northern Macedonia, which would lift the blockade on Albania as well.

This call of the German Minister comes a day before the meeting of the council for general EU issues, where, among other things, enlargement will be discussed.

"The topic of EU enlargement is about the credibility of the EU in the Western Balkans. "In the light of the elections held in Bulgaria, it is now very important for the Bulgarian leader to fulfill the European obligation and pave the way for the first intergovernmental conference with Macedonia and Albania," Roth said.

Today, the United States has called on Bulgaria to resolve its veto on membership negotiations with Skopje by the end of the year, which also penalizes Tirana.

"The eventual membership of Northern Macedonia and Albania is essential for lasting peace and stability in the Balkan region and for the entire transatlantic community," the United States said.

In the first statement to the media after being re-elected president yesterday, Rumen Radev reaffirmed the position that there should be no concessions to Macedonia, which penalizes Tirana for the negotiations.

"The new government should not make concessions from national positions, especially when it comes to Bulgarian identity and history and the rights of our compatriots abroad," he said. "But now that the US has entered the game, things are no longer the same," Radev said.