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Biden calls on businessmen: Force employees to be vaccinated

Biden calls on businessmen: Force employees to be vaccinated

US President Joe Biden has called on entrepreneurs to force employees of their companies to be vaccinated as the only way to end the pandemic.

"I urge employers to act. My message goes to them, to ask their employees to take vaccine doses. Only through vaccination will we be able to fight the pandemic and defeat it. "Without them, we will continue to wander through the chaos in hospitals, damage the economy, increase the anxiety of students and teachers, empty restaurants and have much less trade," said Biden.

The new law is expected to enter into force, obliging every employer of companies with more than 100 employees to vaccinate their staff. Biden urges businessmen to act now, without waiting for the law to take effect.

Biden recounted one of his encounters with the Pennsylvania Emergency. He confesses that a friend called him and asked for help because he was not receiving emergency medical treatment for his partner.

"I called him to ask what was happening in the hospital. I was told there were many queues. My acquaintance received the treatment but had to wait a long time as there were sick Covidi patients. "Most of the staff was dealing with those patients," Biden said.