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Biden answers the question: Does he suffer from Parkinson's?

Biden answers the question: Does he suffer from Parkinson's?

Rumors about Biden's problems continue even after the debate with Trump. Some say that the American president, who will run for re-election, suffers from Parkinson's.

The NYTimes wrote that according to a source, a neurologist has visited the White House 8 times in the past 8 months.

The White House has denied the rumors, saying that Biden undergoes visits and examinations twice a week, but has no problems and is not being treated for the neurodegenerative disease, Parkinson.

"Is the president (Joe Biden) being treated for Parkinson's disease? Do you take medication for Parkinson's disease? No," said the spokeswoman for the American presidency, Karin Jean-Pierre.

Even Biden himself has responded to these allusions in an interview. He was bluntly asked if he suffered from Parkinson's and said:

"Look, even before the debate I was feeling very bad. I was also tested. I think I had COVID, maybe there was something wrong, I had an infection or something," Biden said.

Biden added that his performance since the debate proves that his mind is in order.