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The EU expresses concern about hepatitis in children

The EU expresses concern about hepatitis in children

Following the emergence of cases of acute hepatitis in Europe, USA, Israel and Japan, the EU Health Authority, ECDC, expresses its concern. Due to the unknown cause of the diseases it is referred to as "a disturbing health development", says the ECDC. As of Thursday, 191 such cases had been registered, the most in the UK. The Robert Koch Institute in Germany had reported on Tuesday the first case in Germany. According to the EU health authority, the risk to children in Europe "cannot be accurately assessed". But because Hepatitis diseases in many cases lead to liver collapse and require liver transplantation, the risk to infants is considered "high".

Adenovirus shkaktar

Children under 10 years old are most affected, the most frequent cases are found in children under 5 years old. Most of these children have had good health before. The first symptoms are abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and jaundice.

Hepatitis is a disease of the liver, which occurs very rarely in healthy children. Experts rule out a link to the Corona vaccine because most of the affected children have not been vaccinated. According to the ECDC as a "working thesis" is considered a possible link with adenoviruses, which are quite widespread influenza viruses and which in normal cases cause only slight progression of the disease.

Source DW