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The EU presents the plan to alleviate the energy crisis in Europe

The EU presents the plan to alleviate the energy crisis in Europe

The European Commission on Wednesday unveiled a package of measures aimed at easing the gas price crisis, which could rise like never before in Europe.

Among the proposals were the joint purchase of fuels for European Union member states, as well as the reduction of taxes.

Energy prices have hit record levels for a variety of reasons, including strong demand for natural gas as economies recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

The European Commission has been under pressure to act on the price crisis.

The price of gas has risen by 250 percent since January.

The European Commission's chief energy officer, Kadri Simson, has said the EU executive is responding to calls for action by presenting an action plan.

She called on European bloc countries to consider sharing emergency revenue to support families and companies in need of assistance.

"Rising global energy prices are a serious concern for the EU ," Simson said.

"As we recover from the pandemic, it is important to protect vulnerable consumers and support European companies."

One of the measures mentioned in the action plan is that the EU will consider purchasing natural gas for all countries in the bloc.

Simson has said that states can also buy gas separately to have reserves.

However, as in the scheme to purchase coronavirus vaccines, participation will be on a voluntary basis.

The idea has been proposed by several governments, including that of Spain.

The energy crisis has highlighted Europe's dependence on Russia as one of its largest gas suppliers.

Critics have accused Russia of deliberately not increasing supplies.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday refuted the assumption that his country is using energy as a weapon.

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