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Accused of kidnapping refugees! The court rejects the charges against Salvin

Accused of kidnapping refugees! The court rejects the charges against Salvin

LEGA leader Matteo Salvini will not go to trial on charges of "kidnapping and unlawful deprivation of liberty" of 100 refugees whose ship he did not allow to land in Italian territory while serving as interior minister .

The court of Catania has rejected the request of the Prosecution, which for almost two years had prepared a file accusing the leader of the Italian nationalist right of "deprivation of liberty" for the 100 refugees who by his order were left during the summer of 2019 for more than 2 months offshore with very little food and water, as Salvini claimed their entry was illegal. International law stipulates that the first country to be considered a "safe harbor" must take the unidentified ships, and although the ship was only a few kilometers off the Italian coastline, Salvini claimed that they had deliberately avoided Malta and Libya and that international NGOs served as a “sea taxi” for refugees.

The Prosecution's interpretation that Salvini's decision constituted a violation of fundamental human rights was rejected by the Court of Catania.

Recall that a similar accusation Salvini faces in Palermo, where the precedent of today's decision may affect the rejection of accusations in this case. Salvini's acquittal comes just months after the formation of Mario Draghi's broad-based government, which was also created thanks to the support of his party. The union of the LEGA with the government cost them from the electoral point of view, but apparently from the decision of the Court of Catania has given it a more moderate image.