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3 countries where it is forbidden to divorce if you are pregnant

3 countries where it is forbidden to divorce if you are pregnant

In some countries in the world, not only is abortion prohibited, but divorce is also prohibited in cases where the woman is pregnant.

In Missouri, for example, in addition to abortion, divorce is also prohibited in the case of pregnancy. Not a few times this fact has provoked indignation at the national level. This law not only deprives women of the freedom to decide about their pregnancy, but also forces them to remain trapped in toxic and dangerous relationships.

A recent Guardian article highlighted the drama of a woman who, after years of domestic abuse, decided to end her marriage when, six months into her pregnancy, she discovered that her husband had also abused his own son. small.

Determined to end her toxic relationship with her husband, she contacted a specialized attorney to begin divorce proceedings, but then discovered that Missouri state law prevented her from proceeding with the separation. because of her pregnancy.

This is just one of countless examples of how women are forced to remain attached to abusive partners.

And Missouri isn't the only state imposing these restrictions. According to what is reported by the American Pregnancy Association, even in the state of Texas there is a law that prohibits women from exercising the same rights. In addition, in Arizona, although there is no specific legislation on this issue, there is considerable difficulty in proceeding with a divorce petition if the woman is pregnant.