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What's going on with the speedboats in the south! Himara's serious incident today with a child killed and the first response from Chief Constable Gladis Nano

What's going on with the speedboats in the south! Himara's serious

Today in Himare, on the beach of Potami, a 7-year-old child lost his life while playing on the shore, after a boat lost control.

The event is more than serious and repeated where even a few days ago another boat lost control. In the south, speedboats are everywhere on every beach, and in addition to being often washed with the smell of gasoline, the situation is precipitating, turning vacations in the south into a crime scene.

Today's event: A speedboat driven by a former head of the police station of Himara, who currently holds the position of chief of police in the Community in Elbasan, lost control of the vehicle and caused the death of the child.

What's going on with the speedboats in the south! Himara's serious

The first reaction was from General Director Gladis Nano, who dismissed Commissioner Arjan Tase from the police.

He said in his reaction: Director Nano has dismissed from the ranks of the State Police the police officer Commissioner Arjan Tase, with the duty of Head of the Community Policing Section at the Elbasan Police Station, who was arrested immediately after the incident occurred. The police officer was on vacation in Himarë and while driving a boat, it is suspected that he lost control over the steering of the vehicle and as a result the boat hit the 7-year-old daughter of the Avdia family, who died due to her injuries. at the scene.

Meanwhile, the issue of using speedboats, motorbikes, in specific ports and harbors or anywhere remains an open problem.

A debate has started on the network about the issue of speedboats and tourism. There are many reactions, but in the meantime, the responsibilities and measures that must be taken urgently, in the conditions where the coast is turning into a crime scene, remain to be learned.

A few days ago, a raft hit several people who ended up in the hospital, but without loss of life.