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Operation at 'Bami Tomb', 5 arrested and 1 wanted

Operation at 'Bami Tomb', 5 arrested and 1 wanted

Five citizens have fallen into the hands of the Tirana Police and another has been declared wanted, from yesterday's operation in the area of ??"Bami Tomb".

The citizens arrested in flagrante delicto for production and sale of narcotics are:

- Gentjan Kore, 47 years old, Taulant Çoku, 34 years old, Altin Gega, 28 years old and Erjon Prengaj, 32 years old, for the criminal offense "Production and sale of narcotics" committed in collaboration. The citizen E (E) 33 years old, suspected as an accomplice in the event, was declared wanted.

The citizens carried out their illegal activity in the street "Kujtim Laro", in the business of the citizen Gentjan Kore.

As material evidence, 3 vehicles, 7 mobile phones and 1 kilogram and 128 grams of cocaine were seized.