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At speeds of up to 172 km / h, Police deploy intelligent vehicles on the road

At speeds of up to 172 km / h, Police deploy intelligent vehicles on the road

Only during yesterday evening and the first hours of this morning, the intelligent police car which has monitored the traffic in the district of Fier, as well as the radars and automatic license plate readers have caught at least 93 vehicles with speeds beyond any traffic norm. which goes up to 172 km / h.

The police announced today that the intelligent vehicle of the Traffic Police Operational Unit and other radars available to the Traffic Police have scanned 93 drivers of vehicles traveling at speeds beyond the allowed norms, whose driving license has been suspended from 3 to 9 months, were punished with administrative measures from 10,000 to 30,000 new lek, and were deducted from 9 to 12 points from the driving license.

Administrative measures were imposed not only on these drivers, but also on the other 123 drivers that the intelligent car scanned during its operation, for speeding above the allowed norms, but without the additional sanction of suspension of driving license.

The State Police appeals to all drivers of vehicles and motor vehicles to strictly respect the rules of the road, while saying that actions of this kind are not temporary, but will continue uninterrupted.

She adds that all road axes of the country will be monitored with the intelligent car and the fleet of new equipment of the Traffic Police, in order to identify and punish the drivers of vehicles that circulate at speeds beyond the allowed norms, on the road.