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The houses were filled with hashish, 6 arrested in Kruja

The houses were filled with hashish, 6 arrested in Kruja

6 citizens have fallen into the hands of Durrës Police. The detainees are charged with several criminal offenses such as illegal possession of weapons, drugs and theft.

Durrës Police in cooperation with Kruja, located and arrested in flagrante delicto for the criminal offenses "Illegal possession of weapons" and "Cultivation of narcotic plants", citizen Mikel Doda, 47 years old, resident of Kruja and for the criminal offense "Failure to report a crime", citizen Mirosh Nikolla, 48 years old, resident in Manza, Durrës.

During the control in the apartment of the citizen Mikel Doda, in Kruja, where the citizen Mirosh Nikolla was also located, the Police services found and seized 2 firearms, rifles and 16 bullets.

During the search in an old house of this citizen, cannabis seedlings were found cultivated.

As part of this operation, the citizen Ali Kurti, resident in Zalla, Fushë Krujë, was arrested, after cannabis seedlings were found in his house.

From the structures of DVP Durrës, in cooperation with the Police Commissariat Kruja, based on information that a citizen had illegal items with him, arrested in flagrante delicto for the criminal offense "Production and sale of narcotics", citizen Sulejman Hidri, 30 years old, resident in Fushë Krujë. The Police Services in Zallë, Fushë Krujë, after stopping the vehicle type "Renault", driven by the citizen Sulejman Hidri, during the control found and seized as material evidence an amount of 1.3 kg of narcotic substance cannabis sativa.

The citizens declared wanted are also detained:

Mynyr Koçiu, 63 years old, resident of Durrës, after the Court of First Instance of Durrës sentenced him to 5 months in prison for the criminal offense "Theft";

IT, 60 years old, resident in Larushka, Kruja, after the Court of First Instance Kruja has imposed the security measure "Prison arrest" for the criminal offenses "Production and sale of narcotics" and "Cultivation of narcotic plants" committed in collaboration.