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Convicted of 9 years in Spain for violent theft, the director of the Water Supply is arrested in the middle of the city of Kurbin

Convicted of 9 years in Spain for violent theft, the director of the Water

He has been wanted by the Spanish state since 2013 after being convicted in absentia of a violent theft in this country, but for years he quietly exercised the duty of director of the Kurbin Water Supply. Only today, the State Police has handcuffed the director of Water Supply, Alfred Prodani, who will be extradited on behalf of Spain, where he will also serve his sentence for the criminal offense for which he was convicted 9 years ago.

Police have published videos from the moment of arrest of the director of Kurbin Water Supply, Alfred Prodani. He was sitting in a bar, as he did not resist the moment the police announced the decision for arrest.

In the official announcement for the media, the Lezha Police informs that Prodani has been arrested on behalf of INTERPOL.

As part of the police operation codenamed "Coruna", the police forces of the Kurbin Police Station, in cooperation with Interpol Tirana, captured and arrested in the city of Laç, with the aim of extraditing to Spain, the citizen AP, 41 years old, resident in Kurbin. This citizen was declared internationally wanted, after the Coruna / Spain Court, in 2013, issued an international arrest warrant for the criminal offense "Theft with violence", provided by the Criminal Code of Spain ", reports the Police.

The name of the director of Lezha Water Supply together with that of another in the Municipality of Laç was curved 3 years ago in some media that alluded that Alfred Prodani was part of a robbery in the apartment of Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema.