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Family members denounce the disappearance of Ervis Martinaj

Family members denounce the disappearance of Ervis Martinaj

The family members of Ervis Martinaj have reported to the police that they have lost contact with the most wanted by the Police and SPAK for several days.

Martinaj was declared wanted after the testimony of Nuredin Duman, as he is accused of offering up to 500 thousand euros for the execution of Endri Dokles.

The police suspect that he has been out of Albania illegally for several months. From the verification of the TIMS system, it has been seen that there were frequent movements towards Kosovo of Ervis Martinaj, but in the period when he was not declared wanted.

On the part of the police, there are doubts that he may have left for Dubai.

The family members' denunciation comes about a month after the assassination attempt in Fushë-Kruje where 3 people were killed, one of them Ervis Martinaj's cousin, Brilant Martinaj. The police do not rule out the possibility of a staging by the family to lose track of him.