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Details of the assassination that happened yesterday in Milot

Details of the assassination that happened yesterday in Milot

Yesterday around 21:00, bullets were fired at Ylli Brahim and Klisman Preçi in Milot. The latter died on the spot, while Brahimi was urgently sent to the Trauma hospital.

The police gave more details about the incident today.

According to the investigations so far, the perpetrators were two people and they waited with their vehicle on the street in front of the alley of the palace where Preçi and Brahimi lived. Authors have watched their every move.

Preçi and Ibrahimi were drinking coffee in a bar in the center of Milot, not far from the houses where they lived, and then they approached by car to enter the street of the palace, but at that moment the two perpetrators came out and fired a barrage of bullets at driving Brahim's armored car.

One of the perpetrators with a hat on his head approached and shot at close range and then they left in an "Audi" type vehicle where a third person, the one who was driving the car, was waiting for them.

During the night, the police escorted some people to the region who are suspected of having information about the incident.