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The 17-year-old in love with the author's daughter! The serious event that left 3 dead and two seriously injured in Klos

The 17-year-old in love with the author's daughter! The serious event that

The author, Fiqiri Mjeshtri, who executed father and son in Klos, has killed himself. According to reports, the 17-year-old was in love with the daughter of the author Fiqiri Mjeshtri, but the latter did not accept their relationship. The 39-year-old had gone to the bar to clarify the situation, but during the ongoing argument, he shot the father and son. The other two injured, Renato and Eglantin Hasula, were at the same table as they had friendly relations with Fiqiri. They were shot out of carelessness. The police announce that they have arrested his brother Besnik Mjeshtri.

The serious event was recorded around 14:00 in downtown Klos. As a result of the shooting, Liri and Kenado Shira, 46 and 17 years old, father and son, were killed and Eglantin and Renato Hasula were injured. The latter were sent to the trauma hospital in Tirana in serious condition. While the author Fiqiri Mjeshtri is a suicide.

Police announcement: In the city of Klos, it is suspected that the citizen FM, 39 years old, in cooperation with his two brothers, killed with a firearm, for weak motives, the citizen K. Sh., 17 years old, as well as injured the citizens I. Sh., 46 years old (father of 17 years old), RH, 14 years old and EH, 39 years old (father and son). The three injured were transported to the hospital for medical assistance. As a result of the injuries received, the citizen I. Sh. he died in the hospital", says the police.
"Police services, immediately after receiving the notification, surrounded the area, blocked the entrances and exits of the city of Klos and carried out checks in apartments, bars and other premises. During the control of the area, the Police services caught and escorted to the Police premises, citizen FM, 44 years old, and his brother, citizen BM, collaborators in this event. Also, during the control of the area, the police services found the main author of this event, FM citizen, 39 years old, dead, suspected of suicide.