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Murder by gun in Shkodër

Murder by gun in Shkodër

A person was shot dead this afternoon in the city of Shkodra.

The serious incident happened in the Kiras neighborhood in the middle of a road. The victim has been identified as Ismet Čekorja. He was taken to the hospital for medical assistance, but did not survive his injuries.

"In the neighborhood of 'Guerrile', in Shkodër, under still unclear circumstances, citizen I. Ç., 57 years old, resident of the neighborhood of 'Guerrile', Shkodër, was wounded with a firearm, who later died at the Shkodër Regional Hospital. The investigative group, under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office, continues the work at the scene, for the complete clarification of the circumstances, the legal documentation of this event, in order to identify and capture the author/s. The Police Services continue the checks, with checkpoints in the surrounding area, with aim to catch the author/s", the police announced.

The media report that it is suspected that the murder may have been carried out for revenge, since the victim is the father of Bajram Çekorja. The latter is one of the main accused for the assassination of Alban Bruçi on August 25. Bajram Čekorja is wanted by the police.