Vjosa Osmani: Dialogue should not fall into Vucic's trap. So far, Serbia has violated the last agreements 8 times

Vjosa Osmani: Dialogue should not fall into Vucic's trap. So far, Serbia

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, in an interview with Ilva Tare at the "Atlantic Council" in Washington, called for the dialogue process not to fall into the trap of the President of Serbia, Aleksander Vucic. During the interview, she stated that the relations between the states should be normalized, and not Vučiči, to whom she added that he has broken the recently signed agreements at least 8 times.

"First, while the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia is extremely important, with the aim of mutual recognition, the notion of 'normalization of relations' is being used by the EU due to its neutral status. The goal is 'normalization', and the process should not be used to normalize Vučić so that he looks like a pro-European leader, which he is not. Let's tell the truth. We are facing an autocrat", said Osmani, adding that Serbia is a country that has never apologized for the genocide and that it is the only party that should be called upon to engage in dialogue. "There are almost 40 agreements reached, and the list of violations by Serbia is very, very long. In the past week alone, they committed eight violations of the last agreements".

She also said it is dangerous for the focus to be on the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority, over other issues.

"We should not fall into Vucic's trap, which is to push and drag the dialogue", said Osmani.