Government of Kosovo: We are in communication with the US on housing Afghans

Government of Kosovo: We are in communication with the US on housing Afghans

Since mid-July, the Government of Kosovo, led by Albin Kurti, has been in communication and cooperation with US authorities regarding the possibility of housing Afghans who have cooperated with the United States.

In a response given to Radio Free Europe, Luan Dalipi, Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, said that "everything will end well".

"There is a lot of logistical and technical, security and social work, which we are handling carefully. "The United States is our main ally and our strategic partner," said Dalipi.

Reuters reported on August 13 that the US Government has held secret talks with Albania and Kosovo to temporarily shelter Afghans who have worked with US forces in Afghanistan.

Sources told Reuters that the United States had offered Kosovo economic and political benefits for taking in several thousand Afghans. But US diplomats have said there are concerns in Washington about Kosovo's ability to house Afghans.

Albania confirmed on Sunday (August 15th) that it is responding positively to a US request for asylum for Afghans until the US visa approval process is completed.

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama said that "without discussion we will not say no, not just because our great allies ask us, but because we are Albania".

In Afghanistan, Taliban militants are rapidly gaining control of government forces as US-led international forces begin withdrawing.

Many Afghans who have worked with foreign forces fear retaliation by Taliban militants for their work.

The US State Department has announced a new program that allows thousands of Afghans to relocate as refugees to the US.

Thousands of Afghans who will be part of this program have to be relocated to a third country, and wait for 12 to 14 months until the entire application is analyzed.

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