From Monday, Kosovo sets the new rule in Italy and France for the vaccine passport

From Monday, Kosovo sets the new rule in Italy and France for the vaccine

Starting from Monday next week, all persons entering Kosovo premises will have to present their vaccination passport. This is the decision taken by the Commission for Health in Kosovo and has recently been confirmed by the Minister of Health of Kosovo, Arben Vitia. It is learned that the rule will be in force for all interior spaces of the premises until the abrogation of the decision, which has not been determined yet.

Kosovo thus tightens restrictive measures due to the coronavirus pandemic. For persons who do not have a vaccine certificate, they must submit a negative PCR or serological test.

Minister Vitia said:

"In the measures that we are drafting now, even in gastronomy, to apply from September 27 to apply restrictive measures only with a vaccination certificate, PCR test and serological test. The Gastronomic Association has been cooperative in this regard. "With these figures, such a measure is no longer an obstacle even for the gastronomy sector."

The Minister of Kosovo hopes to find agreement and cooperation with business owners such as premises to improve the epidemiological situation in the country. Since September 13, Kosovo has tightened measures due to the high number of infected and loss of life due to the spread of the Delta variant of the virus.

Kosovo thus follows the same strategy with countries like Italy or France.

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