NATO calls on Kosovo and Serbia for 'Targets': Reduce tensions

NATO calls on Kosovo and Serbia for 'Targets': Reduce tensions

"NATO calls for immediate reduction of tensions in northern Kosovo. We call on Belgrade and Pristina to refrain, avoid unilateral action and engage in dialogue. KFOR 's mandate remains to ensure a secure environment and freedom. of movement for all communities.

NATO calls on Kosovo and Serbia for 'Targets': Reduce tensions

NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu posted this reaction on Twttier regarding the issue of Kosovo-Serbia license plates. The Prime Minister of Kosovo has not taken any step back by considering the decision for Serbian citizens to change or cover Serbian license plates when entering the territory of Kosovo, a reciprocal decision, as the citizens of Kosovo have done the same for more than 10 years, as part of a Brussels agreement in 2011 on the free movement of citizens between the two countries.

Oana Lungescu on behalf of NATO calls on the two countries to reduce tensions between them, as well as to avoid unilateral actions. But the question that arises is: Which of the parties is taking unilateral action? Prime Minister Albin Kurti has called on Kosovo President Aleksandar Vucic to either repeal the decision at the same time or Kosovo's decision will continue to be in force.

Meanwhile, the President of Serbia reacted with harsh tones criticizing the EU: Who is attacking them (Kosovo) now that we are always accused!

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