The media in Kosovo report on the cancellation of meetings of Albanian governments! What is happening?

The media in Kosovo report on the cancellation of meetings of Albanian

Koha ditore writes that the meeting between the governments of Kosovo and Albania, which was planned to be held on Wednesday in Gjakovë, has been cancelled, according to TopChannel. But, when contacted by KOHA, the Government of Kosovo said that there is no information about the cancellation of this event.

The Kosovo government a few minutes ago even sent the agenda for tomorrow's meeting of the two governments.

"The meeting has not been cancelled. Everything is ready in Gjakova. Prime Minister Kurti is now participating in tonight's concert there by the Shota Ensemble and musicians from Kosovo from Albania, which is also an overture for tomorrow's meeting. We are now hearing from you about the cancellation", says the Government's response.

But, according to the media in Albania, it has been cancelled.

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, has announced a press conference for 19:30. It is not known if it is related to this decision.

In this meeting, the meeting of the mayors of the border areas in both countries was planned, where it was expected to discuss that the challenges turn into opportunities and opportunities to benefit the citizens.

The Government of Kosovo and that of Albania for a long time have started the cycle of occasional meetings.