New conditions for entering Kosovo and 6 categories that are an exception

New conditions for entering Kosovo and 6 categories that are an exception

Kosovo has set the new conditions that enter into force from today, October 13 to cross into their territory. According to the announcement, all persons who want to enter Kosovo, must submit:

- Certificate of complete vaccination against COVID-19;
- Evidence that you have passed COVID-19:
- positive RT-PCR test issued not less than 21 days and not later than 180 days or;
- positive result of serological antibody test - IgG, issued not more than 30 days before;
- RT-PCR negative test, not older than 72 hours;
- Rapid negative antigen test not older than 48 hours.

Citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as persons with temporary or permanent residence permits in Kosovo, who enter the Republic of Kosovo, if they do not possess one of the above documents, must self-isolate for 7 days. These persons must complete a declaration of self-isolation at the relevant border crossing point.

The following are excluded from these rules:
- Persons who enter Kosovo through the airport or through land border points and leave Kosovo within three (3) hours, provided that at the entrance they sign the statement that they will leave Kosovo within three (3) hours ;

- Persons working as professional transporters, provided that they comply with the protocol for international transport for protection against COVID-19;

- Citizens of the Republic of Kosovo who have left Kosovo in the last 12 hours;

- Foreign citizens who pass through Kosovo through organized transport by bus or regular international line, transit, provided that they sign the declaration that they will leave the territory of Kosovo within five (5) hours;

- Foreign diplomats, accredited in Kosovo;
- Persons under the age of sixteen (16) years.