Hashim Thaçi's first interview since his arrest: Here's what I miss, apart from freedom

Hashim Thaçi's first interview since his arrest: Here's what I

The former president of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has given the first interview since his arrest. In the conversation with Berat Buzhala, whose answers are read by someone else (perhaps a journalist or an actor), Hashim Thaçi tells about what he lacks most, apart from freedom.

"I don't miss the office of the president or the prime minister, nor the agenda or the daily political, party or parliamentary debates. After the end of the political commitment and the process that I am currently going through, I want to live other chapters of life commitments. Today I am in physical isolation, but not in a mental prison. I miss my family. Sit and talk freely with them. For Lumen, Indrit, who now grew up and became a man. To take part in his graduation ceremony, to walk in the mountains and the beautiful mountains of Kosovo, to attend football matches together or to spend a day skiing together in the mountains of Brezovica. Let's talk about his dreams or about any movie or book. We miss each other every day, but that's the price of freedom. I know that indolence is to some extent a weakness, but so is humanity. We are human beings of flesh and blood. I miss my parents who are old... I miss the people who love me and I love them", says Thaçi.