What is said so far about the Serbian plan to kill Albin Kurti

What is said so far about the Serbian plan to kill Albin Kurti

The media have been reporting different headlines for three days and we have listed them all below:

"Kurti was threatened with murder, images and details of the Serbian plan are published".

"Plan to assassinate Kurt from Serbia, in Skopje".

"Serbian plan for the elimination of Albin Kurti in Skopje".

Who broke the news first?

The news first came out from RTK, and then all the portals were talking.

Who did RTK refer to?

The channel "CORIDOR" belongs to the terrorist organization "Civil Defense", while the other "BUNT" belongs to the Serbian extreme right. Both are controlled by the Serbian intelligence services.

The threats that come from these special social networks are taken as a basis after they also warned of the terrorist attack in Banjska on September 24, 2023.

What was the plan?

The Serbian plan is said to have been chosen to be implemented in Skopje, also because of the Albanian presence, where it could then be interpreted as settling scores between the Albanians.

But is there evidence to believe that there is such a plan by the Serbian secret services?

Albin Kurti himself said in an appearance for the media:

"I have learned that there are many threats from individuals and structures that have roots in Belgrade, but I just came here from Skopje. I did not feel threatened, but I saw that there were many police forces who took care of the meeting held in Skopje ".

This is not the first time such news circulates and naturally the question arises: Are they trying to kill Kurti or do they want to scare him?