Erdogan's statement on Kosovo irritates Vuçi: We decide ourselves, we are not Turkish land

Erdogan's statement on Kosovo irritates Vuçi: We decide ourselves,

A statement by the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that he will lobby for the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state, even in the USA, has stirred the waters of politics in Serbia. A few days after Erdogan's statement, President Aleksandar Vuçiç reacted today: A 'victimization' perhaps due to the power of the Turkish state, but also a warning when he says: We are not here on Turkish soil, we are small but not so much as not to we oppose! While in soft tones he says he will talk to Erdogan to convince him!

Aleksandar Vucic: Erdogan is a good politician, really, and Turkey is a superpower. I will try to talk to him and the Greeks. He recalled the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia in Washington: If they start from September 1, until our agreement is valid, we will have to defend ourselves. Erdogan is a great leader, I am small and insignificant and Serbia is less important than Turkey, but we are not so small as not to try to oppose because we are defending ourselves and our country. Here we are not on Turkish soil and we do not belong to Turkey, nor will it happen! But we will have to defend ourselves!

Further, the Serbian president said that he believes that Erdogan will soften his stance, but if he does not, Serbia will fight to achieve it: We have no other alternative. We will protect our people in Kosovo and Metohija, but you will also see that we are not that small.

Vucic says he continues to recognize Resolution 1244 on borders.

"Serbia has its borders, and they are recognized by the UN, and we are only interested in that, including Kosovo and Metohija as part of Serbia, in accordance with resolution 1244. I will not apologize to anyone anymore. "Never with. We only care about our thing"!

* B92 article translated and adapted into Albanian by Tiranapost.al.