Albin Kurti: Why can't we accept an ethnic association?

Albin Kurti: Why can't we accept an ethnic association?

Albin Kurti in an interview in Euronews Albania has shown the reasons why Kosovo cannot accept an ethnic association, despite the great pressure that is being exerted.

He said that the Association Agreement is the only one of the 33 agreements that was overturned in the Constitutional Court of Kosovo. Kurti also said that Serbia only wants this for Kosovo.

"Serbia claims that the association is the right model, but it is interesting that it seeks this only for Kosovo, not for itself. Now the normalization of relations is between two states, not between a state and its province. If there is a proposal for national minorities in Kosovo, with the principle of reciprocity, it should also be implemented in Serbia. In general, there are more Albanians in Serbia than Serbs in Kosovo, because there are Albanians not only in Medvej, Preševo ​​and Bujanovc, there are Albanians in Vran and Belgrade and in Vojvodina and in other countries, just as there are no Serbs only in the north of Kosovo," he said.

Kurti also said that the Franco-German plan is a good basis for the future of Kosovo.