Albin Kurti for the License Plate Agreement: Vuçiç set 4 conditions but they were not met. Now begins the era of reciprocity

Albin Kurti for the License Plate Agreement: Vuçiç set 4

The Prime Minister of Kosovo reacts after the Serbian President Aleksandar Vuçi dhe and the EU for the temporary agreement on the license plates that was reached in Brussels. In a Facebook post, Albin Kurti says that now begins the era where Serbia is taught reciprocity, while revealing that the president of Kosovo set 4 conditions before the meeting in Brussels, but they were not met.

Albin Kurti:
Reciprocity of vehicle license plates has been established. Since the license plates of the Republic of Kosovo in Serbia will be covered by the state symbol, all license plates of Serbia without distinction will also be covered by their symbol in the territory of our state. The Kosovo Police Special Unit went to Jarinje and Brnjak on September 20 to protect border crossings and police from roadblocks and free movement. Since they will be leaving, our special unit does not have to stay there, and always remains ready to intervene in any of the same or similar violations in the future. Of course, our following border police will enforce the reciprocity of license plates. KFOR will stay there for about two weeks to make sure everything is safe.
Last week, the President of Serbia set four conditions for the meeting of our representatives in Brussels. Of course they did not meet you and yesterday the talks took place in Brussels. Now begins the era when Serbia begins to learn and reciprocate.


From October 2, the military forces at the Jarinje and Brnjak barricades are removed. From 2 October, the Special Unit will be replaced by KFOR forces for a period of two weeks.

From October 4, Kosovo and Serbia will use stickers / stickers as license plates for vehicles, as a temporary measure to reduce tensions and continue the dialogue.

On October 21, there will be talks again for a permanent solution to the issue.

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