Albin Kurti speaks for CNN and puts the points on I

Albin Kurti speaks for CNN and puts the points on I

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has been put under pressure in the last few hours even from the USA, for an act that is basically the right of a prime minister and a democratic country. He demands the implementation of the law in the territory of Kosovo, also by the mayors of the municipalities in the north, following the elections of April 23, boycotted by the Serbs.

In the last three days, Kurti has shown strength, but it seems that this did not please the Americans, who today, through Ambassador Jeffrey Hovenier, announced the next step, pressure on Prime Minister Kurti:

"We have asked the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, to take steps towards reducing tensions in the north. He has not responded to these requests. We are analyzing what our next actions will be," said Hovenier.

Kurti told CNN:

"All the international factors have recognized the elections that were held on April 23. When you know the process and the results, then the mayors should go to the municipalities. Who else should be there, if not the mayors. We are working closely with the international factors, especially with the USA and the EU, which we consider very valuable allies and partners. We will do our best, but we will not hand over the democratic republic to the fascist militia.

We are not dealing with peaceful protesters, but with criminal gangs, extremists, ultra-nationalists of the right wing, who are being paid and ordered by Belgrade, and who admire Putin. It is the fascist militia that attacked our policemen, KFOR, and also journalists in the field. It is not possible not to have mayors in municipalities. Power in Kosovo is not won by shock bombs, crimes, violence, but by elections. There are dozens of footage and photos showing that Serbian militia are on the front lines of those who are protesting. Some come from the north and some from Serbia.

Kosovo is a democratic republic. Serbia is a pro-Russian autocracy. Not much democracy there. They ordered the gendarmerie there to come and riot in the north of Kosovo. I want to have police officers who protect the rule of law, maintain order. Municipalities should be for everyone, not for parallel structures of Serbia."