The legendary former football players of Tirana, Dinamo and Partizan are praised, Veliaj's message

The legendary former football players of Tirana, Dinamo and Partizan are

The three main teams of the capital, which have made the history of Albanian football, Tirana, Dinamo and Partizani, today faced each other in a competition between the legendary former footballers of each team, as a way to evaluate the players who have contributed in the development of sports. Well-known athletes Devi Muka, Redi Jupi and Erion Bogdani also participated in this match organized under the auspices of the Municipality of Tirana.

At the cup distribution ceremony, the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, said that 2021 will be the year of resurrection. "We can play in different teams, but we are a family, and as a family from Tirana we had a very difficult year. It was the year we collapsed from the earthquake and the pandemic, but as we collapse, so do we rebuild, together. I very much hope that 2021 will be a good year for you, for your families, for your entire social circle, but also for our Tirana, as the year when we will be rebuilt stronger, more united and better ", he emphasized Veliaj.

The mayor underlined that in the capital there are 300 academies and football associations, which educate young people not only with sports, but also with the spirit of cooperation and work.

"I am proud not only of the three teams in the capital, but also of the 300 academies and football associations that exist in Tirana, because they are a source of positive energy. Of course, not all elite footballers will come out of these 300 academies, they will not play for these three big uniforms, but the fact that the boys and girls of our city learn to play in a team, learn that life has both losses and victories. makes you enthusiastic to recover after a loss, or to be down to earth after a victory. This makes me feel very proud to serve this city, so I want to thank with all my heart the three teams, which gave this message today ", said Veliaj.

The three teams faced each other and Tirana was declared the winner, after being defeated by Dinamo on penalties, but won with a deep score of 4-1 against Partizan. While, on the other hand, the "reds" won with a penalty against Dinamo.

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