Veliaj: The Catholic Church ends, we start the reconstruction of Saint Prokop's Church

Veliaj: The Catholic Church ends, we start the reconstruction of Saint

Mayor Erion Veliaj was at St. Paul's Cathedral in Tirana, from where he wished the Catholic faithful for more peace and goodness.

"I want to thank everyone, from the most modest parish priest to the most peripheral pastor in the great district of Tirana, who serves with dignity, because we must share the duties as responsibilities. Some have the task of dealing with civil institutions, kindergartens, schools, nurseries, but I believe that more than ever our country also needs spiritual infrastructure, which the municipality cannot do. Imams, priests, missionaries must do this, and for that I am truly grateful. Our city is not perfect, but thanks to this cooperation and this harmony, it is a little better than it was. When I think that we have gone through very difficult situations, with the pandemic and the earthquake, sharing the burden has made the city more humane, more loving", said Veliaj.

The mayor also gave the good news of the reconstruction of the Catholic Church on Rruga e Kavaja, as well as the Church of Saint Prokop.

"The New Church on Rruga e Kavaja is being finished. For those of us who grew up in Tirana, we know it as a gym, because during the communist era, Max Velo managed to at least protect the Church, but it was never completed in its entirety, and I'm glad that both the Bell Tower and the Church, it will be a jewel for Kavaja Street. We also have good news for the Orthodox believers, as their Easter approaches. We will lay the foundations for the Church of Saint Prokop. For many people who do not know, in fact the lake was not what it is today, the trees were not there. There was a bare hill that was known as the hill of St. Prokop and the cafe or bar-buffet of socialist realism on top of the Hill was actually the Church of St. Prokop. It became a bar-buffet during the time of communism, then it came back as a Church, but it still remains in that socialist realism style building.