Tirana opens "International Cultural Weeks"

Tirana opens "International Cultural Weeks"

Tirana opened today the International Cultural Week with an event organized in "Skënderbej" square.

During his speech, the mayor Erion Veliaj declared that the International Weeks of Culture will start with what is considered our greatest ambition, precisely the European Union Weeks. He said that afterwards, they will be followed by the Cultural Weeks of France and so on.

"We will start the weeks of culture with what is our biggest collaborator, our address, our destination, our biggest ambition, the European Union Weeks. It will be the first week that will open the window for all these extraordinary activities that we will do. Then, it will continue with the Week of France, where we will have different activities. My invitation is that each of you in your workplace, in a school, in an institution, in a business that has a connection, has a partnership with one of the countries, it could be Japan, it could be Kosovo, it could be Greece , it could be Israel, it could be Qatar, organize a mini culture week yourself. Because I believe that culture, art, music, theater brings people together, maybe even more than politics, maybe even more than endless speeches. That's why I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, enjoy the weeks of Culture" said the mayor.

Veliaj said that today in Tirana tourists come from all over the world, stressing that he hopes that this year there will be more than the record figure reached last year, of 10 million tourists.

"When we were small, there were no foreigners in Albania at all. Today the whole world has come to Tirana. We had 10 million tourists last year. We hope to go even more this year. I believe that more than politics, hooligans, organizations are the white heart and the open heart of every Albanian for the tourists we will host this year", emphasized Veliaj.

The International Cultural Weeks will last from May to November, where Albania will welcome cultures from all over the world with a calendar rich in activities, artists and performances, full of surprises.