Ricky Martin receives the Key of Tirana

Ricky Martin receives the Key of Tirana

Shortly before the start of the concert in "Skënderbej" Square, the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, received in his office the world-famous singer, Ricky Martin, to whom he presented the "Key to the City" as a sign of welcome.

"We had a Latin season. We started with Enrique Iglesias, Ochoa, the Hemingway Jazz Festival and Ricky Martin, the icing on the cake. When you look at two generations that, in fact, like our country, a small country, when it produces a big star, like someone who comes from Cuba, Puerto Rico, it shows the power of great people, to lift even small countries and take them up. I am proud because Ricky is also the marketing agent of Tirana and Albania and today I am really grateful that you came to Tirana with your friends to give us positive energy. I'm sure that more than a concert, it will be a joint singing, with thousands of people in the square, who can't wait to give you that warm Albanian energy and I wish you to come back. Perhaps, one day you will find a second home here and have a piece of your presence in Albania.

While Ricky Martin thanked Mayor Veliaj for his hospitality and said he will talk about Albanians and their positive energy everywhere.

"Surprise after surprise. I am super grateful for the invitation. It is a great surprise to meet you. I felt at home from the moment I came here. I will take with me the spirit of Albanians and I will talk about Albanians wherever I go because it is fantastic to be here. Tonight we will exchange this energy between the audience and what we bring from Puerto Rico, which is passion, love, honesty, transparency. It will be very special!", said singer Ricky Martin.