The 'city of water' that gathered the children of Tirana today

The 'city of water' that gathered the children of Tirana today

The need to preserve and save water was the theme of the activity "City of Water", developed with children and young people in the Olympic Park of Tirana. Through various activities, including games, the best essay contest, the painting corner, etc., the children learned about the importance of water, especially saving it.

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, used this meeting to bring to everyone's attention the importance of saving water, especially in a difficult time like this, where the war in Ukraine and the Russian aggression there have led to an increase in the price of energy and many other products.

"Adults, but I'm sure even the little ones, have seen that a war is going on in Ukraine. Since that war, throughout Europe, the price of energy has increased; sunflower fields that are no longer worked there have increased the price of oil; the fields that produced a lot of wheat, now that there is war, the price of wheat has increased. Even the price of water is affected because water is mostly pumped with electricity. This is the reason why we have decided, as the Municipality of Tirana, not to increase the price of water for your parents, but to make sure that the municipality itself bears the increase in the cost of electricity and pumping, so that no family in the city of Tirana feel this price crisis. So that we can face it all together, as one big family", said Veliaj.

The mayor asked the children to make their parents aware of saving water. "If the government is helping by keeping the price of energy unchanged and if the municipality is helping by keeping the price of water unchanged, we need everyone's help to save energy and water. So, I really want each of you, even when you're in kindergarten, even when you're in daycare, even when you're at school, the moment you don't use water, the moment you wet your toothbrush, the moment you have after finishing the shower, the moment he has washed his hands, he should immediately save both water and energy, because if the little chicks of Tirana do this, all the parents will do it. In Tirana, everything that children do and do well, is then imitated by their parents. The days without cars were started by the children, now even parents ride bicycles; the children planted trees, the parents are now planting trees too. I am sure that if the citizens of Tirana will save water and electricity, all parents will behave like children and learn from the best", said Veliaj.

The "City of Water" activity was developed within the "CrossWater Interreg IPA-CBC Italy, Albania, Montenegro" project for raising awareness and saving water.