After the song 'Për ty Atdhe', Tirana also had a gift for the tenor Ramë Lahaj

After the song 'Për ty Atdhe', Tirana also had a gift for the

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj received in a meeting the well-known tenor from Kosovo, Ramë Lahaj, who with the recomposition of the song "For you homeland", has brought a precious gift to the entire Albanian nation on this anniversary of the Independence of Albania .

“To be very grateful! It is a fantastic, spiritual gift that inspires just as much. Thank you and I am sure that I speak on behalf of the mayors of Prishtina and Prizren because I believe that, in such times, we need encouragement, strength and optimism. It makes us very proud ", said the mayor Veliaj.

He donated to the tenor the disc of Tirana 100 years the capital, a collaboration with the BBC, which includes the oldest and most beloved songs in a century. "In collaboration with the BBC, we have collected on a disc some of the oldest songs in Tirana. "Since you gave us a musical re-creation for Independence, we are also giving you a musical collection about Tirana 100 years the capital of Albanians", added Veliaj.

Tenor Lahaj thanked the Mayor for the support and said that he felt the realization of this work as an obligation to Tirana, where he was professionally trained.

"It was very important for me to bring a somewhat positive message. Albania, Kosovo, but all Albanian lands, have a culture, a very special tradition. In addition, there is the part of tourism, which is extremely developed in Tirana, and many other things that have happened in recent years. I owed it to Tirana and Albania because my talent came from Albania, Tirana, or rather, from the Academy of Arts, where I came and asked for first aid. "This is the least I can do," he said.

At the flag day, Lahaj decided to bring back in a different version the famous Albanian song, "For you homeland". Ramë Lahaj brought back this song together with a clip, which reflects the Albanian values, culture and traditions. The tenor from Istog through a post on social networks, stressed that this song was a gift for them on this national holiday.