A Rock evening in the Olympic Park of Tirana

A Rock evening in the Olympic Park of Tirana

The stars of rock music will join in a spectacular concert on December 9, from 18:00, in the Olympic Park of Tirana. Popular groups such as "Nothing like the sun", Peter Pan Quartet, Offchestra, Coreleoni and Eugent Bushpepa will reveal their best hits to the public.

Rock music has always been an incredible source of energy and free spirit. She has followed her bright path by conveying messages against racism and being part of historical events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and democratic developments in many countries around the world.

In this unusual concert, rock music will unfold its unparalleled power to inspire and unite people. Many young men and women identify with this lifestyle, expressing themselves through their clothing, behavior and lifestyle.

The music will be alive, as the Rock Stars will come together in an unforgettable harmony on the afternoon of December 9 in the capital.