Mural fest, the festival that will decorate 10 walls of Tirana!

Mural fest, the festival that will decorate 10 walls of Tirana!

Tirana will host one of the most special festivals. Mural Fest is an initiative of "Dekor" from the Municipality of Tirana that started three years ago.

"Let's paint Tirana together. World-famous artists come and paint the most beautiful walls of the capital ", writes the artist Helidon Haliti, while giving the news that the walls will now be merged into art.

This is one of the most attractive projects for young people who love art, beauty, abstract, freedom, dream, eternity.

The world is changing at breakneck speed, cities as well, and the coldness of glass replaces walls, large facades that create history and memories.

Street Art takes place in several countries of the world, in several different points. The curator of the project, Helidon Haliti tells dritare.net, that this project was a work done for a year and a half, creating a group of artists from different parts of the world, but it was the pandemic that left all the work suspended. . Mural Fest will be held this year from August 24 to the end of September. Professor Haliti does not leave without mentioning the absence of some of the artists who due to the pandemic will not be able to be present at the festival.

The artists of "Street Art" come: Case from Germany, Manomatic from Spain, Same 84 from Greece, AD from Indonesia, Mattia Campo from Italy or Wuper from Serbia.

"Curators have seen the development of this city as the development of a beautiful woman who begins her journey with dreams that we early youth. "Tirana remains a goddess to be admired, with eyes from the west, to say that our future is related to western development", says Haliti.

The project takes place in 10 walls, in the Paris Commune, in Lana, the center of Tirana. The project is also supported by other cities.