The week that will gather in Tirana the most important film producers from all over Europe

The week that will gather in Tirana the most important film producers from all

Film markets have been transformed for years into the main axis of the cinematographic industry in Europe, America, Asia, attracting professionals from all over the world, and becoming an added value in the artistic and cultural sector of each country.

For this reason, Tirana could not miss a film market, which this time has many reasons to get all the attention it deserves. Creative Industry Agency, Municipality of Tirana, brings the BALKAN FILM MARKET at the end of this year, focusing simultaneously on local professionals, young filmmakers from the Balkans, experts in the field from all over Europe, and above all the most well-known institutions and production companies in Europe.

On December 13-17, the most important producers and distributors from all over Europe will come to the capital, to start a new stage of cooperation in the territory of the Balkans.

The activity will take place in the premises of the Pyramid, where the aspirants to start work on their first film, selected in advance based on the applications made during the last two months, will work individually with foreign mentors to develop the script with which they represent. In parallel, filmmakers from the region will present their projects to producers and distributors invited to BFM, having the opportunity to secure the support they need in the pre- or post-production phase.

In the circle of over 300 guests, who turn their eyes to the Balkan projects, the directors of the region will have the opportunity during five days to promote themselves, to expand the circle of acquaintances with names that have a long and successful history in the world film industry. , where some of them were nominated for OSCAR awards. In addition to the opportunity for experts in the field, through the market Tirana will be transformed into a strategic meeting point for film producers, who will get to know the capital city more closely, seeing it also from the perspective of a possible filming location.
Balkan Film Market is realized this time in partnership with the Municipality of Tirana, the French Embassy, ​​the Austrian Embassy, ​​the Italian Institute of Culture, Filmmakers Europe, the AGIMI Art Center, under the organization of the Creative Industry Agency.